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Individual Membership Levels

Business Membership Levels


Since our founding in 2014 the annual Gala and Summit in Washington, DC has been the primary way to participate. In 2020 we launched the monthly Conversation Series with American and Romanian leaders in business, science, government, and sports.


In 2022 we also launched our membership program.


The Membership Program is designed for interested professionals to benefit from year round interaction with Alianta’s multi national network of connections.


The benefits and responsibilities for each level of membership are described below.


Membership includes Gala and Summit tickets.

 Business (Upon approval) Individual (Upon approval)
 BronzeSilverGoldPlatinumDiamond BronzeSilver
Donation level$500$1,000$2,500$5,000$10,000 $300$1,000
Access to member lists for promotionxxxxx   
Gala and Summit tickets112510 12
Invitations to special Alianta events or receptionsxxxxx  x
Invitation to join members-only LinkedIn groupxxxxx xx
Alianta website recognition & promotionxxxxx   
Recognition at Gala xxxx   
Virtual Call Event with members  xxx   
Member spotlight in monthly newsletter   xx   
General Business Development Consulting (10 hours)   xx   
Invitations to roundtables with US & Romanian leaders   xx   
Assistance to connect with U.S. Investors    x   
Assist company to identify new Board members for Member company    x   
Fundraising and connection with other US based charities    x   

Terms and conditions

Membership Dues/Effective Date of Membership

Annual Alianta memberships are offered to corporations, public and private organizations, small businesses, sole proprietorships, and individuals.
Dues may be paid annually via check or online through the Alianta website (
Memberships shall be effective upon payment of the selected level of support, as described above.

Membership renewals will take place annually. Late payments (more than 30 days) will result in the revocation of membership benefits.

Conduct and Responsibilities

Upon becoming a Member of Alianta, the Member agrees that they:
● Will only acquire and share information received from their Alianta membership through ethical and responsible means and will not reproduce or disseminate any information to non-members that is limited to members.
● Will not post inappropriate, inaccurate or offensive content to membership forums and discussions.
● Will conduct themselves in a manner to first protect the interests of Alianta and its other members and stakeholders.
● Will conduct their affairs related to Alianta with professional integrity and will not engage in activities that create actual, apparent, or potential conflicts of interest with Alianta.

Outcomes Not Guaranteed / Indemnification from Liability

The Member agrees that Alianta does not guarantee any results or outcomes from their membership.
Any results to a member, whether negative or positive, that are connected to membership benefits or activities of Alianta, are deemed to be the exclusive result of the Member’s own actions and efforts. 
As such, the Member will not seek to impose liability on Alianta for any monetary or other damages that a member may sustain while participating in the membership and related activities of Alianta. The Member shall indemnify and hold Alianta harmless from any and all claims made against Alianta related to the conduct or activities Alianta that may or may not be connected to alleged damages or losses of the Member.


Alianta shall not share any contact or personal information about the Member or its business affairs with other members, non-members or any third parties without the permission of the Member. 

Membership Termination

The annual membership of any Member may be terminated by Alianta if any of the above-described duties and responsibilities of membership are violated. A violation of membership shall be determined solely by Alianta.
The Member can terminate their annual membership at any point during the membership year and for any reason. Membership dues are not prorated. The Member may nonetheless rejoin Alianta in any future year.


If you have questions about benefits/responsibilities or about methods of payment for membership, please visit our website or you may contact:
Jim Rosapepe, Alianta Board President, at

Alianta 2023 Business Members

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