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Frequently Asked Questions: Romanian and the Ukraine crisis

How can I find or offer a home for Ukraine refugees in Romania? is funding short term housing for up to 100,000 people fleeing Ukraine. You can help by offering temporary stays for free or at a discount through or donating to help fund their efforts.
Offering temporary accommodations can be completed at the following link: .

Where can Ukrainian citizens apply for U.S. visa?
The U.S. Embassy to Ukraine is not currently offering visa services. Ukrainian immigrant visas (IVs) including Diversity Visa (DV) and Fianc(é)e (K-1) visas except for adoption cases are being processed at the U.S Consulate in Frankfurt (Germany). The U.S. Embassy in Warsaw (Poland) processes Ukrainian adoption cases and A and G diplomatic and official visas.
Contact for questions and further information about Ukrainian immigrant and visa processing in Frankfurt and Warsaw. Ukrainian applicants do not require a Schengen visa to enter Germany or Poland.
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What documents are required for Ukrainian refugees to enter Romania?
Ukrainian refugees can enter Romania with their biometric passport without a visa or with their national passport accompanied by a visa with two or more entries. Refugees can stay on the Romanian territory for a period of 90 days. If the Ukrainian refugees intend to apply for asylum, entry is permitted on any type of document or declared identity if the refugee is without documents.
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How do Ukrainian refugees obtain asylum in Romania?

Ukrainian refugees can apply for asylum once they enter Romania by filling out the asylum application form. The asylum application form will be filled in with the refugee’s personal details. The asylum seeker is obliged to submit all documents at his/her disposal that are relevant to his/her personal situation.

The Asylum application form is available here:
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Do Ukrainian refugees have to quarantine?
Ukrainian citizens are exempt from quarantine regardless of whether they arrive directly from Ukraine or transit through the Republic of Moldova.

Can Ukrainian refugees legally work in Romania?
Ukrainian refugees can legally work in Romania if they hold a long-stay visa granted for work purposes or if they request a form of international protection, where they have the right to work under the same conditions as Romanian citizens.
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What should Ukrainian refugees do if their visa expires but the security situation in Ukraine is unstable?

If the Ukrainian crisis does not allow re-entry into the Ukrainian territory and refugee’s visa expired, they should present themselves at the nearest Romanian office for immigration.

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How do Ukrainian refugees receive medical care in Romania?

Ukrainian refugees that hold a biometric passport, have a right of legal residence, or are seeking asylum, have access to free medical assistance and care services similar to those available to Romanian citizens.

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Where can I get information if I am a U.S citizen in Ukraine?
The U.S Embassy in Romania urges American’s citizens going from Ukraine to Romania by land to cross at the Siret border crossing. Please call +40-41-270-6000 or email for further information.
For the latest Ukraine updates from US Department of State:

Who can I call for information and/or emergency in Romania?

The Romanian Border Police - +40 021.9590
The General Inspectorate for Immigration - +40 021.410.75.13
The Emergency Number - 112
The number of emergencies related to children (including for children without families) - 119