Alianta Announces 2020’s Board of Directors – Alianta – Strengthening the Romanian American Alliance

(WASHINGTON, D.C. October 5, 2020) – Alianta, the DC-based organization dedicated to strengthening Romanian-American cultural, economic and security ties, has announced this year’s board of directors, including 11 incumbents and 5 newly ratified members.

The 5 new members are John Florescu, George Roth, Adrian Devenyi, Obie Moore and Ian Brzezinski, prominent members of the Romanian-American business community, and are joining a board of directors that includes Ambassador Jim Rosapepe (ret.) as Chair, Lauren Rakolta as Vice-Chair, Trasurer Radu Tatucu, Secretary Corina Rebegea and members Chang Oh-Turkmani, Ambassador Mark Gitenstein (ret.), Charles Frank, Iulian Calinov, Allan Cruse, Prosser Stirling, and Dan Dimancescu.

Alianta is a national organization of Americans, US companies and other institutions working to promote cultural, economic, and security connections between the United States and Romania. Since its founding in 2013, Alianta has become respected in the US and Romania for its annual Gala, honoring those who have contributed to the partnership, its business, security and cultural round tables and its community projects in the U.S.
In 2020, due to the global pandemic, Alianta started a series of online events, which feature conversations with prestigious members of the Romanian-American business, diplomatic and non-profit community from both Romania and the US.

“We are excited to welcome our new board members”, Ambassador Jim Rosapepe (ret), Alianta’s Chair said, “and look forward to continuing our work to promote the Romanian-American alliance. We are very honored to have the counsel of such influential leaders!”

Romania’s total trade value through July 2020 with the U.S. was $1.71 billion.