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Bid, Enjoy and Support Alianta!

Alianta is partnering with the online auctions site CharityBuzz to bring you the chance to bid on exciting products and experiences, while you support the mission and Alianta. Click here for all the items and experiences up for auction. Or visit and search for Alianta under “Charities.”

You can bid on the following items anytime until December 4, 3 PM Eastern Time except

Adventure Travel to Maramures or Transylvania closes on December 13.

Mozaique Artisan Rugs- Handmade in Romania

Two rugs made of 100 percent locally sourced wool on wool warp, from handspun and handwoven wool by women artisans in northern Romania using traditional overlay of weaving and braiding techniques. The production process is 100 percent manual. Mozaique works alongside artisans to help them develop new designs rooted into heritage techniques and bring their products to the international market.

The artisans making the rugs are committed to continuing their craft. It takes sixty hours of work for each rug to come to life, over a year long period of time. Weaving was a community affair, a mother daughter bonding time and wisdom sharing treat.

  • Rug 5×7 fair market value $1200
  • Rug 7×9 fair market value $1800


Mozaïque is a social business supporting artisans around the world to unlock their untapped economic potential and become fully integrated into the global market.

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Mozaique Experiences – Experience Transylvania and Maramures

  • Food Fibre and NatureCincsor, Cincu, Transylvania. Start and finish from Bucharest. An exclusive 7-day immersive experience into the depth of Transylvania, off the beaten track, to reconnect with the essence of life through food, fibre and nature. Guests will have an interactive experience: going out food foraging, cooking together with a local herbalist and weaving alongside Cincu’s oldest weavers or wood carving with a local. After scheduled activities guests will have the opportunity to unwind in a restored Saxon parish house and school. Period: June- September – date TBD with guests. Includes local transportation, accommodation, guide, workshops and meals (breakfast and dinner). Minimum fair market value is $7500 for two people. Bidding closes Dec. 13
  • On the Road to Rugs in Maramures- 7 days off the beaten path. Start and finish from Cluj. Learning the rug-weaving process with Maria. A highly tailored cultural, yet relaxing experience tucked away in the remote village of Breb in the Gutai mountains. Guests will have the opportunity to live off the grid in traditional wooden houses restored for the 21st century with respect to heritage details and traditional materials. This private tour will go along the route of making a rug from start to finish – from the shearing of the sheep to the final product under guidance of a local rug artisans. The cost includes local transportation, accommodation, guide, workshops and meals (breakfast and dinner). Minimum fair market value is $7500 for two people. Bidding closes Dec 13.

5. Mozaïque Fine Art Photography

Two prints from Mozaïque private fine art collection from The Road to Rug journey in Maramures.

Gallery quality print 16inx24in. Fair market value: $1500/piece

6. Outsized Raw Silk Scarf (Marama Borangic)

Hand woven on traditional vintage looms in Southern Romania by artisans at the last remaining family owned, silk worm farm in Romania. The making of a scarf from fiber to final product is done over six months and fifty hours of intense work at the loom. The raw silk is obtained on site and made into accessories for home décor and fashion. Color: Café-au-lait, naturally dyed with herbal and vegetable dyes. Finish: Raw edges. Size: 57inx80in. Fair market value: $1000

Two cases 24 bottles total) of fine wine from AMFITEATRU VITIS

ARISTOCRAT Feteasca Neagra, 2015.

ARISTOCRAT Chardonnay, 2015

Starting bid: $350


Gift boxes of Make-up- Anastasia Beverly Hills Collection

Starting Bid: $350

Romanian Fashion Blouses from designer Iiana. (collection of 3)

Starting bid: $350

More items available for bidding here or go to and search for Alianta under “Charities.”