Big Thanks from Alianta! – Alianta – Strengthening the Romanian American Alliance
Alianta has a lot of people to thank for making this Gala a big success!
First of all, to Gabi Sandoz for all the Event Management preparations (including the Palinca!), and to John Sandoz for the set-up and break-down at USIP. To all our check-in volunteers and helpers. To vice-chairs Alex Vasilescu, Dana Tolici and Wajiha Haris for bringing a truly diversified mix of sponsors and supporters to the event. To Gala Chair Lauren Rakolta for her leadership and unending optimism, and to Honorary Chair Chang Oh for taking the helm at the business roundtable and much behind the scenes support.
To Daniela Kammrath for her leadership on the Community Projects and the hard work organizing the Cultural Roundtable. To Corina Rebegea for developing the Security Roundtable; to panelist Brian Withmore and Steven Blank who made it a fascinating discussion. To the Romanian Embassy, especially DCM Cristian Gaginsky and Mr. Gabriel Rotaru, for all the kind assistance for the Roundtables and History Lecture at the Embassy – as well as all the wine at the Gala!
To Professors Dennis Deletant and Sonia Coman for their contributions to the Saturday programs. To our Honorees Nicolae Ratiu, Norman Manea and Michael Sheridan. To John and Peter Florescu for bringing “Maria, Heart of Romania” to the Gala. To director Nicolae Pepene of the Brasov County History Museum for bringing the Queen Maria photograph exhibit to the Gala. To the many in-kind contributors to the auction above, and to Diana Iovescu at the Mosaiique NGO for her support. To our Photographer Ioana Ciucur and Videographer Emil Moldovean. To Raluca Popa-Barbulescu for the on-camera interviews. To Michael the Badge Guy to Mr. Zain at the printing house, to Aaron and Ivan at USIP and Adriana Sanchez from the caterers.
To our sponsors, from Gold and Silver to Business and Host Commitee. And to each supporter who purchased a ticket. To our special guests who I hope will come away with a deeper appreciation of the strength of US-Romania relations. To anyone who traveled from Romania or overseas to attend the Gala. To our emcee Sheilah Kast. To Ambassadors Klemm and Maior for their strong support and participation. To any survivor of the After-Party at L2. To Allan Cruse for supporting university students’ tickets and to ARCS and the Heritage Foundation Awards for honoring our High School youth. To Alianta leadership including Jim Rosapepe – Chair, the Alianta Board and Advisory Board members, who all contributed financially and in many other ways…
Thank you!