Local community projects

Since 2018, Alianta has promoted local cultural events of Romanian-American organizations to bring people to their events, fundraise, and connect with a wider audience.

Local Community Projects

March 2019, Philadelphia: Queen Marie exhibit at the Romanian Professional Society Gala

Alianta presented 'Regina Maria - Queen Marie of Romania- irresistible ambassador of Romanian history and traditional art' exhibit at the Third Annual Gala of Romanian Professional Society of Philadelphia on March 2, 2019 in Philadelphia. Honorary Consul to Philadelphia George Sfedu enriched the exhibit with a display of original documents from the Queen’s visit to the United States in 1926. More details on http://rpsp.org. The exhibit created by Professor and historian Nicolae Pepene, Director of the Brasov County Museum, premiered in the U.S. at the Alianta Gala in November 2018 in Washington, DC. Source photo: Romanian Professional Society of Philadelphia

May 2019, Chicago: “Untamed Romania” screened on Europe Day

Alianta supported Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture in Chicago for the screening of “Untamed Romania”, a documentary on the country's landscapes and rich wildlife, on Europe Day, May 9. Alina Celia Cumpan and Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture lead the project. More details on https://as4lrc.org.

Local Community Projects

June 2019, Chicago: Queen Marie of Romania exhibit at Universal Romanian Blouse Day

In partnership with Alianta, the Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture organized the an event featuring the Queen Marie of Romania exhibit, as well as traditional dances and music, and an exhibit of historic traditional costumes, carpets, and objects. It also launched the ‘Sezatoare in Chicago’, series of events gathering people sewing Romanian traditional blouses. More details on https://as4lrc.org. Source photo: Adrian Nastase Photography for TASLRC.

October, 2019, St Paul: Queen Marie exhibit and Gala

HORA Romanian American Cultural Center set to open at the Landmark Center in St. Paul Sunday, October 13, will feature the exhibit of Queen Marie of Romania. It will be a museum, library, cultural center and welcoming home to people with a passion to share their past stories and create a shared future with the Romanian American community of Minnesota. A fundraising Gala will be held Sunday, October 27. Dan Dimancescu, co-founder and board member of Alianta, will be keynote speaker. His latest book, Queen Marie in America, was published in 2019. More details on www.hora-mn.org.

2020, Phoenix and Philadelphia: New Romanian Film Festivals

Alianta is working with Romanian-American leaders in Phoenix and Philadelphia to organize Romanian Film Festivals in early 2020. The dates will be announced shortly.

Local Community Projects

2020, Washington State: Maryhill Museum of Art 80th Anniversary

Alianta is partnering with the Maryhill Museum of Art in a series of events celebrating its 80-year anniversary. Philanthropist Sam Hill started building the museum in 1914. Maryhill Museum of Art was dedicated in 1926 by Queen Marie of Romania and opened to the public in 1940. It hosts more then 100 personal items of the Queen, as well as a 400 items collection of Romanian folk costumes. More information at https://www.maryhillmuseum.org.

Photo Source: Maryhill Museum of Art