Ford celebrates 11th Anniversary at Craiova Plant, $1.3 billion invested – Alianta – Strengthening the Romanian American Alliance


(Photo courtesy of ‘Nine O’Clock’)

Ford Motor Company, honored at the 2018 Alianta Gala, has announced that it invested approximately 1.3 billion euro in the 11 years since taking over the plant in Craiova, according to Ian Pearson, Vehicle Operations and Site Director of Ford Romania, adding that it is paramount for Romania’s Government to carry through its commitments as regards the transport infrastructure.

“In this period we have invested around 1.3 billion euro to develop state-of-the-art technology, both for the production of cars and that of engines, part of these having been presented, as a matter of fact, to our distinguished guests earlier,” Pearson added.  The recent event included a visit from the Prime minister Viorica Danila and her team about current business plan and about future developments, including the additional 200 million euro investment announced last year for the manufacturing of a second car model in Craiova.