Romanian Film Festival In A Capsule – offered by Alianta to Ro-Am communities – Alianta – Strengthening the Romanian American Alliance

Photo: Gopo Awards 2019, National Theater Bucharest, Source: Facebook/Premiile Gopo.

As international juries and film aficionados around the world appreciate Romanian films more and more, they are also becoming more present in the United States. As many of you might already know, there are now well established and recognized Romanian Film Festivals in the States as:

* ARCS’ Romanian Film Festival in Seattle

* The Romanian Film Festival & Discussion Forum at Stanford University, UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University

* Romanian Making Waves Festival in NY

*Romanian Embassy’s Romanian Film Festival in DC

* There is also the newly established ROFest.Trends Film Festival in Chicago.

Romanian Films are also frequently featured at South Eastern European Film festival in LA, DC International Film Festival, and Maryland International Film Festival in Hagerstown, to name just a few. The Romanian Embassy in DC and Romanian Cultural Institute in New York are continuously supporting these efforts.

This year, Alianta designed a “three day festival” prototype to support Romanian American organizations and individuals in the U.S. interested in organizing such an event in the cities where there isn’t already a film festival. The capsule includes:

*Suggestions of films to be screened;

* Contacts for the producers/distributors of the films;

* List of actors/directors/producers that could be guests;

* Suggestion for volunteer organization structure;

* Suggestion for marketing the festival;

* Webinars to discuss the organization and promotion of the Festival;

* Promotion on Alianta’s website, Facebook page, and by direct mailing to Alianta’s database of members.

If you are interested in finding out more details, please contact Daniela Kammrath, Community Projects Director at, (202) 798.9871.