Romanian ‘RedCarpet’ start-up App takes on Facebook and Instagram – Alianta – Strengthening the Romanian American Alliance

RedCarpet is an app that tries to fight Facebook and Instagram by making its users “feel, look and act like a star”. Invented by six Romanians, the app targets a precise type of users, who are passionate about their appearance and more active in the real world.

Adrian Mazilu, the CEO of the company, together with Cosmin Ionica, Alexandru Emanuel Zainea, Andrei Fifiita, Alexandru Farcas and Laurentiu Murgu, were the team that created the app. The business model is based on the app making most of its income from online shopping, triggered by the Clothing Tag feature, which allows users to tag the clothes, accessories and brands they are wearing. Clicking one tag will lead to the brand page and gives you the opportunity to buy it.

According to the company, this is the fastest and most engaging online shopping experience and the CEO said that by focusing on e-commerce business, RedCarpet will not be restrained by advertising.

“We can see all major players in the social network environment having a very tough time in this area. When you’re depending on ads for the large majority of your income you will disrupt user experience, simply because, in order to stay in the game, you need to place more and more ads. And let’s face it: people are there for the social experience and now it feels like you are always in a commercial break,” said Mazilu cited by

RedCarpet, an app for fashion aficionados, is taking on Facebook and Instagram