Silent Auction: Bid, Enjoy and Support Alianta! – Alianta – Strengthening the Romanian American Alliance

This year we have an eclectic collection of donated items for auction during starting 5-10 Pm the night of the Gala. Bring your checkbooks and get some great deals!


NEW!!  Donations from Maramures County Council Vice-President Doru Ioan Dancus


Original T Short of the Romanian National Football Team; and

Traditional Romanian Belt called “Șerpar” with the symbol of the Dacian Wolf, symbol of the Free Dacian people who lived in Maramures.

1. Wool handwoven bed throw handcrafted near Targu Mures. Handcrafted by women master artisans in the heart of Transylvania, this unique bed throw is made of locally-sourced Romanian wool. 100% Romanian wool. Size: 55 x 80 inches. Machine washable/ Dry cleaning. Made in Romania. Starting bid: $200







2. Pair of wool handwoven runners from Sapanta/Maramures. Entirely handwoven by women master artisans in Maramures county, these low traffic runners are made of locally sourced Romanian wool. This particular set of 2 runners white and grey was handwoven by the renowned weaver Maria Zapca, Sapanta village. Size: 30 x 88 inches. Machine washable/ Dry cleaning. Made in Romania. Starting bid: $200 each








3. High-end very customized travel experiences to Maramures for two people. Five nights all-inclusive from Cluj. Tour features organic meals, local wines and charming traditional guesthouses. Uncover the charm and spiritual side of this corner of Romania on a truly unforgettable, culture-packed 5-night sojourn. You’ll see the very best of this unexplored swath of continental Europe as we unlock the doors to a host of amazing experiences. Starting bid; $2300 person, six person group maximum.




4. Artwork by Philadelphia artist Alexandra Mosoeanu

Philadelphia-based artist, first generation American born to Romanian parents. Her work has shown at the Muzeul Național de Artă Contemporană al României in the Romania Parliament building, Library of Alijo in Portugal. Her work has been collected by artist Antonio Puri, Theresa Behrendt and George Sfedu, Romanian Consulate of Philadelphia. Starting bids at $100 each.






5. Exclusive Custom Jewelry by Ramona Albert – the ‘Os’ Bracelet
This designer bracelet is made of cast brass, a material that is strong, and it has the beautiful quality of changing over time. Due to the manual casting process, each piece is unique. ‘Os’ can therefore be highly polished at all times if chosen to, or be allowed to weather, giving each piece a unique visual appearance. Starting bid: $150



6. Extraordinary Hat collection donated by Paul Leinburd, CrownCap, Winnipeg, Canada

A childhood friend of Author Norman Manea, Mr. Leinburd happily donates a curated selection of highest quality hats made from real fur, leather and wool from his company. Check out the website at All products made in Canada.




GREY FOX FULL FUR RUSSIAN STYLE; Retail price $770; starting bid $350
WOOL BLEND AVIATOR WITH COYOTE; Retail price $227; stating bid $100
ARCTIC RACCOON WITH COGNAC LAMBSKIN; Retail price $321, starting bid $200
SCOTTISH TWEED BALLCAP WITH SUEDE VISOR; Retail price $68, starting bid $25

6. Signed copy of “Intellectuals and Fascism in Interwar Romania: The Criterion Association” by Cristina A. Bejan, PhD.
CRISTINA A. BEJAN is a Romanian-American historian, theatre artist and spoken word poet based in Denver, Colorado. An Oxford DPhil and a Rhodes and Fulbright scholar, she has held fellowships at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Georgetown University, and the Woodrow Wilson Center, and has taught history at Georgetown and Duke Universities, among others.

7. Signed copy of Queen Marie in America, by Dan Dimancescu
In 1926, Queen Marie of Romania made a historic coast-to-coast visit of the United States. Received as a celebrity, she was ‘Lady Diana’ of her time. An estimated 1,000,000 people attended events in her honor, newspapers covered the trip as did radio broadcasts. Her journey was much about her as it was about American culture and a newfound industrial power told in her own words and by individuals close to her. Text and editing by Dan Dimancescu, Alianta Board Member.