Urgent Call to Action: Support for Ukraine Needed Now – Alianta – Strengthening the Romanian American Alliance

As the leading voice among Americans dedicated to fulfilling the longstanding strategic partnership between the U.S. and Romania, Alianta urges Congress to unite across party lines and approve without delay essential military and financial aid to Ukraine. This assistance is needed for a strong and unequivocal message to Vladimir Putin that the United States is fully committed to Ukraine and our NATO allies in defense of freedom, democracy, peace, and stability in Europe. Putin’s war remains a threat to the United States, Romania, and the rules based international order. If Russia is allowed to sustain their invasion of Ukraine, which nation will be next? And what other imperialistic autocrats will be similarly emboldened?

Romania shares much in common with their Ukrainian neighbors – not only an extensive border across the Carpathians and Black Sea but important cultural and religious histories. Since the outset of Putin’s invasion, Romania has been fully engaged to provide much needed humanitarian assistance to accommodate the massive numbers of Ukrainian refugees seeking safety across Romania’s border. As such, Romania remains greatly concerned about the security of their own national borders and the regional threat imposed by Russia’s invasion.

Now is the moment for Congress to come together, setting aside other priorities or controversies across our political landscape, and promptly pass this critical military and financial aid to Ukraine. This funding will go a long way to ensure a free and democratic Ukraine and demonstrate the support of freedom-loving Americans to NATO and the transatlantic alliance of democratic nations.