Alianta statement on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – Alianta – Strengthening the Romanian American Alliance

As Americans committed to the alliance between the United States and Romania based on our common values of freedom, democracy, and peace, we share the world’s horror at Vladimir Putin’s brutal and unjustified invasion of Ukraine.

Sharing a 381-mile common border and Black Sea coast and ethnic heritage with more than 3 million citizens of Ukraine and Moldova, Romania is a front-line state in Putin’s war.

We applaud:

• the United States’ strong actions to help Ukraine defend itself, including tough economic sanctions, increased military aid, and coordination with our NATO and other allies.

• Romania’s leadership for NATO’s and the EU’s actions to protect Ukraine.

• the preparations by the Romanian government and NGOs to welcome refugees from Ukraine.

• the deployment of more US and other NATO troops and equipment in Romania and other frontline NATO members.

• the reiteration of the NATO’s ironclad commitment to the Article 5 security guarantee for Romania and all NATO Allies.

• the courage of Ukrainians, triggering global public solidarity with their fight for freedom.

And there is much more to be done.

First, we urge Congress to promptly pass President Biden’s $6.4 billion package of military and humanitarian for Ukraine. We will work with leaders of Ukrainian Americans, Romanian Americans, and other Americans to rally support for it.

Second, we will join with other American and Romanian NGO’s and businesses to provide help for the war’s victims and refugees.

Third, we will work with the US and Romanian governments to help refugees for whom asylum in the United States is appropriate.

Fourth, we call on the United States, Romania and our NATO allies to further enhance their defense capacity in Romania and the Black Sea region, as well as reducing their dependence on Russian gas and oil.

The war’s dangers go far beyond current attacks on human beings and democracy in Ukraine. Since 1945, Europe has continuously moved from war and authoritarianism toward peace and democracy. Putin’s actions are intended to reverse that progress.

The United States alliance with Romania has never been more important to both our nations.