Congratulations to the Winners of the 2023 ARCS Awards! – Alianta – Strengthening the Romanian American Alliance

The Romanian American National Heritage Award is an annual competition for high school students with Romanian heritage or background. Applicants of non-Romanian descent may qualify, as long as their work and experience relate to Romania or the Romanian community in the US. 

The award recognizes exceptional contributions to the cohesion of the Romanian community and the preservation of its heritage, language, culture and traditions.

The awards are granted by the American Romanian Cultural Society and Romanian United FundRomanian American Professional Network, with the endorsement of the Embassy of Romania to the United States

The jury representing the three organizations involved base their decision on the national and international impact of the volunteering activity described, the candidate's academic achievements and leadership potential and tracked record, as well as their future vision for the benefit of the Romanian community, locally and beyond.

Congratulations to the Winners of This Year's Edition : 

  • Victor Ene National Platinum Award
  • Andrea Klein National Platinum Award
  • Gabriela Pirtea National Platinum Award
  • Caterina Stoica National Platinum Award
  • Stephanie Dragoi National Gold Award
  • Ana Girnita National Gold Award
  • Mara Haiduc National Gold Award
  • Alexandra Lehene National Gold Award
  • Elisa Tunaru National Gold Award
  • Marina Diaconu National Silver Award
  • Gruia Radu National Silver Award
  • Daniel Rimbu National Silver Award
  • Larissa Sambotin National Silver Award
  • Ana Guset US Central Platinum Award
  • Roxana Stanescu US West Platinum Award
  • Michael Stoica US East Platinum Award
  • Julia Triculescu US Central Platinum Award
  • Luca Barbat US West Gold Award
  • Teodora Diaconu US East Gold Award
  • Emma Manole US West Gold Award
  • Sophia Manole US West Gold Award
  • Ana Martin US East Gold Award
  • Ayden Pana US Central Gold Award
  • Alexa Zaharia US Central Gold Award
  • Inara Zayic US Central Gold Award
  • Alissia Anghel US Central Silver Award
  • Matei Busu US Central Silver Award
  • Alexandru Cernea US Central Silver Award
  • Alexandru Dragoi US East Silver Award
  • Emma Dram US Central Silver Award
  • Daniel Fanaru US West Silver Award
  • Dan Haidau US Central Silver Award
  • Laura Melinciuc US East Silver Award
  • Andrew Zaharia US West Silver Award
  • Maya Alexa Honorary Mention Award
  • David Bora Honorary Mention Award
  • Matei Panaitisor Honorary Mention Award
  • David Tunduc Honorary Mention Award
  • Rebekah Weidell Honorary Mention Award

NEW - Romanian Bridge Builders section

Now at the 7th edition, Romanian American National Heritage Award is adding a new section to the prestigious Awards.

The Romanian American community is not only cohesive within the United States, but many of its members are also working to strengthen the heritage connections between Romanian Americans and their ancestral lands in Romania. This always involves hard work from generous people from both United States and Romania. 

The outcome of this work is a strong global community of Romanians, which benefits both United States and Romania.

The Award committee is now recognizing the contribution of high school students in Romania to strengthening these heritage connections between Romanian Americans and their ancestral lands in Romania.

The Romanian Bridge Builders Award is granted to high school students in Romania who through their work make the world better.

Winners of this year’s edition are:

  • Luca-David Vulpe, a junior at the Emanuil Godju High School in Oradea, Bihor for his contribution to the charity work of the One World Association Romania as well as outstanding academic achievements
  • Harris Kopanyi, a sophomore at the Emanuil Godju High School in Oradea, Bihor for his work with the Prima Foundation helping children in Bihor County and outstanding academic and athletic achievements

We are excited to host them at the Gala on November this year!