Kogainon Films Producing New Documentary Focused on How Romanians Express Their National Identity – Alianta – Strengthening the Romanian American Alliance

Kogainon Films, founded by Alianta Board member Dan Dimancescu, is producing a new documentary focused on how Romanians express their national identity. This is a subject producer Dimancescu chose to focus on having seen how little foreigners — particularly Americans —know of the country. One part of the documentary includes the creation of a wall mural by Maria Zurbagiu in Brasov, being painted on an apartment bloc during July 13-16 2021, at #62 Calea Bucuresti, Brasov.

Wall mural by Maria Zurbagiu in Brasov

Wall mural by Maria Zurbagiu

After more than 20 months of filming in multiple locations under the guidance of director Andrei Teodorescu, Kogainon Films will release a final edit in December 2021.

Since 2008, Kogainon Films (co-founded by Dan Dimancescu and his son, Nicholas) has produced a number of Romania-related documentaries. These can be seen at: www.kogainon.com.